happy birthday italian stories


Time has flew so fast! 365 days a go, just one click, and there we were with our beautiful homepage and the authentic experiences offered by our craftsmen. At the very beginning they were only 15, and we have to reserve a huge thanks to them because they were the first to believe in our project.

Now, precisely a year later, we can say that we are winning the bet we made and that the next challenge is to increase the community built in the last 12 months.

Community which includes primarily our beloved artisans (without which we would not have any reason to exist), the many registered users and the many travelers who have booked our experiences, all the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers, all the people who wrote something about Italian Stories and everyone that has recommended it to a friend.

Thanks to all of you we have been able to share the Italian Stories project, and we want to go further travelling and discovering the italian crafsmanship!
That’s why we have created a special contest, know more about it here!