Agata, the ceramist from Caltagirone

Guest post by Italian Ways | Blog: Italian Ways

My name is Agata, and after attending the Ceramics Art Institute I have worked for over forty years with my husband – and now with our daughters and son-in-law – in our fine ceramics workshop.

Being a ceramist means inheriting the long-standing tradition of an old skill that was passed from generation to generation – in my case, from my father-in-law to me. I am fortunate that I can practice this art in beautiful Caltagirone, which for centuries has been renowned for its fine, colorful majolicas.

We like the idea of turning our workshop into an “open factory” that everyone can share.

We hold classes of up to an entire day, in which you can start creating your own objects in clay using different techniques (coil method, slab method, or freehand). Then you can decorate some terracotta objects we will have chosen together: glaze them lightly and pick a technique between freehand drawing, pounce or stencil. All the objects you mold or decorate will be baked in various stages and can be shipped anywhere in Italy for free.