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PATRIZIA, artisan of gypsum


Are you ready for a journey among beauty? I'm going to take you in the fascinating world of stucco, a history as ancient as man. Imprints in mud can be considered as primordial molds. It all begins from the gypsum's dust that capable hands transform into artworks. With this you will prepare the mixture to be poured into molds that are made in the atelier. All the creative-productive process, in fact, is the result of research, experience and know-how accumulated over many years. Now have fun: wear Renaissance fashion aprons, use brushes, colors, soils, glues, shine with brass, silver, and gold leaves, paint with ancient lacquers, rub the beeswax, sign your work to make it unique! The sunflower tells the colors of our land, and his relationship with the sun according to the myth of Clizia, the nymph in love with Apollo. During this workshop I will initially present to you my activity. After an introduction to the ancient art of stucco, we will go through the preparation of the dough base. Once we have done this, we will proceed with the pouring in the sunflowers' molds. We'll then get ready for the leaf gilding that we'll apply to the pistils of the flower. Following this stage we'll decorate the sunflower using the brush, before concluding the artwork with the painting, the coating and the final lacquering. At the end of the workshop I'll provide you with the object that you created, the booklet, the Diploma of Participation and the “weirdo license” of Gubbio. This envisages a really particular procedure to be carried out, exactly in front of my atelier!


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