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Gaetano, artisan of bucchero


The day will begin with a brief presentation of our atelier and an introduction to the main working techniques of pottery. In particular we'll focus on the Bucchero. At this point we'll be ready to put into practice that described, but first we'll have to familiarize with the tools. We'll then wear an apron and we'll clean the object with sandpaper and steel wool until we removed all the scratches of turning. Once we completed these operations, we'll polish the surface rubbing it with boxwood sticks. After that we'll engrave it by choosing a decorative technique between freehand drawing and pouncing. To complete the product we just have to fill the etchings with gold and platinum by using small brushes. We'll eat local products without cutlery, just with our hands. You'll then try the "crescia" which is a particular non-rised bread with the round shape that is cooked on carbon. It can be combined with cheeses, cured meats, cooked vegetables or sausages. After having signed the piece, we'll have to wait it to be dried out, and only then we can fire it. This will be done at a later stage in the open countryside. It is so since the process requires the use of coal with the resulting formation of black powder, moreover it has to be done when you have many pieces to be put within the furnace. Finished the firing, that consists in reaching about 900° C. in ten hours, and the consecutive cooling in 48 hours, we'll send the object to you at no extra costs everywhere in Italy. The day will end in the most beautiful square of Gubbio, in front of the “Palazzo dei Consoli”. We will get there by means of a neighboring elevator to the meeting place and we'll talk, sipping an aperitif, of medieval architecture, of the size and shape of the Palace resulting from the application of symbolic relationships related to esoteric numerology.


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